Logitech G works on Nintendo Switch


in-Game Staff
as you have just read Logitech G and its range of steering wheels already works in TLS for Nintendo Switch


-G29 or some other steering wheel from the Logitech G range
-Mayflash MagicNS
-Nintendo Switch Dock

(IMPORTANT NOTE: it has only been tested with g29 on Switch and it works fine, but the pedals and gearbox have not, remember that it is not an official Switch control)


1-Connect your G29 to the electrical current

2-Connect your Nintendo Switch to the dock

3-Connect Mayflash MagicNS to a dock port

4-Connect the USB of G29 to the female usb that is free in the Mayflash MagicNS

5-When connecting the steering wheel (at least g29) it will make a turn towards each direction as calibration

6-Press the button of the Mayflash MagicNS until it turns red and it is ready to use on Switch

7-Enjoy your steering wheel

It is a pleasure to share this information with the rest of the users for whom it may be useful