Mouse doesn't rotate interior camera with Track-IR / Opentrack / Freetrack


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If mouse / controller rotates the exterior camera, but doesn't rotate the interior camera, the issue is definitely a wrong setup of OpenTrack or Track-IR / OpenTrack or similar software giving the game input.

A little reminder that Track-IR or alternatives are supported and the game detects it automatically.

If you don't want to use head tracking, if it's disconnected or you disabled the software, normally game uses mouse or controller input for the interior camera.

If it doesn't, it is possible to disable TrackIR by modifying a text file.

On Steam, right-click Truck & Logistics Simulator and go to properties.
Select the "Local Files" tab and click Browse. This will open the folder the game is installed.

The game is usually installed here;
C:\Steam\steamapps\common\Truck and Logistics Simulator

Open the Truck & Logistics Simulator_Data folder and open Config.txt file.
DisableTrackIR 0
DisableTrackIR 1
The game will now ignore the TrackIR, OpenTrack, or relevant software and always use mouse/controller as an input for the interior camera.