(NEW UPDATE) A dev-blog about progress with the biggest update so far.


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The next big Truck & Logistics Simulator update will be coming soon. Here are some insights for you already.


Convoy Escort in Multiplayer
Convoy escort missions are almost completed. All vans, pickups, and cars will have purchasable convoy equipment which will allow you to escort logistics convoys in multiplayer.

Map Extension
A new 8 square-kilometer region will be added to the map in this update which will extend the mission length, allow longer duration missions, and will also provide alternative routes with mountain roads. The map extension is 90% completed but currently has many issues that we are currently working on.

There are more new vehicles than what we announced earlier. We added 6x4 versions of the trucks and remodelled around 50% of their exteriors.

We added a new modern truck which is still in integration. We added towing capacity to vehicles that vary between models and some vehicles can’t support heavier cargo missions.

A new minivan is also completed and integrated into the game. There are many new cargoes like a camping caravan or a generator.

There are many other small features like Cruise Control support and improvements in the environment with moving ships or aircraft. There are many UI improvements including the ability to navigate to any point on the map using the mid-mouse click or seeing which missions a vehicle can support.

We also improved vehicle physics by improving collision meshes of all vehicles and better brake handling for trailers.

New Missions
Here are screenshots of some of the new missions that are currently in testing;
Test DriveWe added a “Test Drive” function to vehicles before you purchase them. This feature allows you to test any mission available in the game without owning the vehicle similar to a sandbox mode.

Future plans;
Company management is a major feature in development. You will be able to create a company with a name and a logo and hire AI drivers for this company.
You will be able to purchase vehicles and assign them to AI drivers based on their experience and driving licences. Each AI driver and also your own driver profile will improve and level up after completing logistics missions and you will choose which licences to progress first.

Company management and driver profile features will probably be released with the version in which we get out of early access and make the full release of the game.

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