Truck and Logistics Simulator | Update v0.9646


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Here is the third updates full changelog: (03 07 2020)
  • Optimized performance of shadows.
  • Optimized memory usage and reduced map loading times.
  • Improved performance for old graphics cards that don't support compute shaders.
  • Added V-Sync toggle in options.
  • Zooming out the minimap now works and it can be resized bigger.
  • Time of day slider settings(timescale, system time/simulated/none) are now saved.
  • Increased camera rotation speeds with controllers.
  • Fixed keyboard binding of wipers and hazard lights.
  • Fixed light brightness of tandem box trailer.
  • The game now auto hides cursor when driving a loader with the right mouse button.
  • Fixed issue with street light brightness at night.
  • Fixed lighting of the lake material.
  • Disabled rain temporarily as it's still WIP and isn't supposed to be visible.
  • Improved environment and vegetation

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