Truck and Logistics Simulator | Update v0.9648


Staff member
A small bugfix update for Truck & Logistics Simulator. Full changelog:

*Fixed the customization camera bug.
*Fixed the issue with interior camera rotation with controller.
*Added mod button to control mapping.
*Fixed Dump Trucks fuel tank save/load issue.
*Fixed load vehicles showing wrong hotkey for second axis.

Mod button is used for controllers for second vehicle axis, camera zoom, and quick chat in multiplayer.

The default controls are updated. To receive the updated control maps, please use "revert to default" from the control mapper.

There is a toggle to enable the work-in-progress force feedback for supported steering wheels. It would be helpful to hear your feedback if it works or not. For now its only tested with Logitech G29. It will be updated to include additional forces, vibrations and more.

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