Truck & Logistics Simulator - Release Update Full Change-Log


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Truck & Logistics Simulator Release Update is here!

Here is the full change-log for the update!

Speed Controls:

  • Added radar speed controls. Radar vans, speed camera pillars and gantries have been spread around the map, watch your speed!

Game Achievements:
  • Added 38 achievements to the game!

Environment Changes:
  • Added Ivy details to buildings
  • New road asphalt and grass
  • New tower crane and construction site props
  • New Power Transformer and Cell Phone Antenna
  • New ambulance model and hedge fences
  • New vintage buildings and airport props
  • Added more rocks and traffic signs to the environment

Optimization Changes:

  • Optimized used textures and shadows to reduce memory / loading time / game size
  • Optimized reflections of loading vehicles and improved vehicle textures
  • Optimized parked and traffic vehicles
  • Improved performance in tunnels and at night

Vehicle Changes:
  • Improved reflections of vehicles
  • Improved clutch pedal input

UI Changes:
  • Updated mission list screen and UI icons
  • Updated control glyphs for controllers, especially for Xbox and PC when controller is being used.

Multiplayer Changes:

  • Improved reflection quality and synchronization of multiplayer remote players vehicles

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed a bug related to collectables being obtain by other players in multiplayer
  • Fixed dump trailer sound continuing after completing a mission
  • Fixed parking spot meshes
  • Fixed issues related to player reporting
  • Fixed issues related to logistics and street lights causing performance issues
  • Fixed logistic building numbering