Truck & Logistics Simulator | Summer Update - Full changelog


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Hey everyone!
The Summer Update is available NOW! Thank you for your patience and continued support of the game. Welcome to the Summer Update!

Watch the trailer now!

Vehicle Changes!
*New Vehicles: 2 New Dropside Vans
*Recreated almost every vehicle and trailer model with higher detail and better textures
*Man dropside and panel vans can now have 2 primary colors
*Rewritten clutch physics and vehicle suspension
*Enhanced engine behavior under acceleration

AI Changes!
*Physics of AI vehicles have been rebuilt
*AI driving behavior and detection of players has been improved
*All AI vehicles have received proper lighting; this includes proper turn signals and brake lights
*AI vehicles now have different colors
*AI truck trailer has been remodeled
*Increased following and spawn distance of AI traffic

Environment Changes!
*New footbridges and billboards
*New collectable golden pallets
*New halogen street lights, pine trees, and rocks
*New interior lighting in logistics centers
*New construction site and mission end points
*Revised design and lighting of buildings
*Added parked trucks and trailers around environment

UI Changes!
*Redesign of pause menu and UI for changing in-game time
*Added UI icons when using a controller
*Added an option to hide player names during multiplayer in the game settings
*New loading tips and screenshots
*New UI sprites

Navigation Changes!
*Refined navigation system; it now displays time, temperature, and distance to destination
*Improvements to the minimap, it now shows full route path when selecting a mission
*Increased refresh rate of navigation display
*Updated navigation lines

Localization Changes!
*Updated translations and added missing translation terms.

Control Changes!
*Updated controller support in the garage and pause menu
*Additional support for TMX wheels

Optimization Changes!
*Game stuttering has been significantly reduced
*Reduced the minimum game requirements, memory usage, game size, and loading times
*Updated default graphics calculation

Graphic Changes!
*All in-game colors have better saturation and balance
*New sharper reflections for vehicles
*Redesigned clouds for lower graphic settings
*Added ambient occlusion effect for improved depth
*New shader for parking and direction markers
*Updated sky box and moon texture

Multiplayer Changes!
*Added ability to block players in multiplayer. This will hide the player from the room so you will not see them
*Added ability to report players in multiplayer, sending a report to the moderation team
*Improved synchronization of other player’s trailers

Steam Deck Changes!
*Steam Deck support with proper graphics level, controller settings, higher possible UI scaling, and tilt control support

Bug Fixes!
*Fixed a graphical bug causing AMD GPUs to render environment reflections wrong
*Fixed an issue causing AI truck trailers to float
*Fixed an issue causing AI to freeze after reset
*Fixed a bug causing vehicles to not recover correctly
*Fixed a bug during unloading with the dump truck
*Fixed a bug when switching the in-game time to system time
*Fixed vegetation popping up too close to the player
*Fixed a resolution issue when first starting the game
*Fixed a environment bug causing power lines to not appear

And much more!

Also, we have completely remade our game Steam page. We have re-written all the text, added new gifs, screenshots, and more!
We thank you for your continued support of Truck & Logistics Simulator. We hope you are all looking forward to the upcoming console versions of the game as much as we are!

Next we will be releasing a massive update to Nintendo Switch containing everything we have released up to this point on PC. We hope to have it out by Q4 of this year. There is much more in the works for this year, until then…
See you on the road!

Your Truck and Logistics Simulator Team